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Danolosa, walkable thermal insulation.

At Pérez Lázaro, we offer you a solution for roofing: Danolosa, a walkable thermal insulator applicable in the following scenarios:

  • Filtering and insulating slab in one piece for accessible roofs.
  • Rehabilitation and transformation of non-walkable roofs.
  • Technical corridors on non-walkable roofs finished in gravel.
  • Support surface for equipment on non-walkable roofs and installations in general.
  • Technical roofs on supports (plots) according to the Danosa System.

DANOLOSA Blanca 95 is an insulating tile consisting of a porous concrete pavement that acts as mechanical protection for an insulating base of extruded polystyrene, resulting in a resistant and thermally insulated walkable surface.

You can find all the information about the Danolosa roofing solution on the Danosa website.