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Insulate without construction work with SUPAFIL.

We all want a comfortable home with pleasant room temperatures and the ability to rest without being disturbed by street noises. With a good rock wool insulation system like the one applied by L’atalaya, this is possible.

The Supafil mineral wool is the latest in thermal and acoustic insulation systems, saving you on gas or electricity bills. It’s an innovative insulation system that can be installed at low cost and without the need for construction work. In addition to insulating the room from external temperatures, it protects children from noise, allowing them to sleep, do homework, read, or play without disturbances.

It is a mineral wool designed specifically for blowing into the air chambers of walls in homes, provided there is an air chamber. Request a free and non-binding preliminary study of your home from L’atalaya, and you will learn about all the advantages of this innovative product. Simple, quick to install, clean, and eco-friendly. In homes where it has been installed, energy consumption has been reduced by around 25%, resulting in approximately a 50% saving on the bill. In addition to its effectiveness, it is economical; the average cost for a single-family home is between 2,000 and 3,000 euros, a cost that is usually recouped in less than 3 years, depending on the geographical area, thanks to systematic savings on bills.

If you are thinking of replacing the boiler or air conditioning units because you think they are no longer effective, you should check the insulation of your home first. The problem may lie there. Many of us do not know if our house is insulated and what type of insulation it uses. It is crucial information because it affects energy consumption and the amount of our bills.

The system is applied following these steps:

  1. Assess the condition of the façade. The applicator conducts a thorough endoscopic examination to determine if the wall cavity is in good condition for the subsequent application of the product.
  2. Ensure optimal distribution. A series of holes are made in the façade at strategic points to ensure the correct and uniform distribution and insulation of the insulating material.
  3. Fill the drilled holes. Supafil mineral wool is blown into the holes through very small nozzles, filling the entire cavity. The application can be done in both new construction and renovation.
  4. Seal the holes in the façade. The holes made in the façade are concealed with mortar, leaving it intact. In the case of facades with monocapa mortar, mortar of the same color will be applied.

The major advantages of Supafil are:

a) Installation without construction work. The installation can be done in a single day without modifying the walls or requiring the family to evacuate. Only small holes need to be made, which are then patched up without leaving a trace of the intervention. It can be done in all or only some rooms.

b) Eco-friendly material. It is an environmentally friendly material that generates minimal waste. Installation can be completed in a day, without construction work and without disturbing neighbors.

c) Helps save money. The investment is very affordable and recovers quickly because the cost of bills starts to decrease significantly.

Insulation is the most effective way to save energy, and it’s best to choose a system that is fast, clean, cost-effective, and durable, like the one applied by L’atalaya. So, don’t waste any more time and money; request a free and non-binding preliminary study to install Supafil insulation in your home.