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Improvement in the performance of spacers.

Starting from the summer of 2018, all windows, French doors, and glazed doors installed by L’atalaya will incorporate the new thermal spacer that has been used in the highest-quality windows.

The spacer is the component that connects the glass panels, usually made of aluminum (a highly conductive material). From now on, it will be replaced in all our windows, whether PVC or aluminum with thermal break, by a new and less common material in Andalusia, which is steel covered with polyamide (a more insulating material).

We made this decision after analyzing the laboratory test data of our windows and doors, as well as multiple thermographic studies in already installed homes.

With these new spacers, we improve the performance of our installations. With this strategic decision, we continue the approach we initiated years ago, only installing low-emissivity planitherm glass, opting for profiles without metallic reinforcements (zendow neo premium), ensuring airtightness in installations, and providing customers with thermographs after completing their renovation.

Continuously improving both the product and the installation to deliver the best final result to our customers.