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Green Roof in Granada

The Knauf Insulation green roof system (UrbanScape) offers significant advantages for a climate like that of Granada, providing excellent thermal insulation in both summer and winter. It enhances the building’s aesthetics and its integration into the environment.

At L’atalaya, we not only sell and install high-performance windows, but we also prioritize the overall insulation of homes. For this reason, for several years, we have been investing in various insulation systems, both for new construction and renovations, to achieve high levels of comfort in both winter and summer.

The system we install consists of 6 different layers to achieve a perfect balance between the survival of the vegetative sedum and the thermal insulation of the home.

  1. Base of the roof (usually concrete) where we will install all subsequent layers.
  2. Waterproof treatment to prevent dampness, similar to any traditional roof.
  3. Anti-root membrane to protect the roof from the plants.
  4. Urban Scape drainage system, an innovative rigid sheet that allows excess water to drain while regulating humidity to prevent rapid water loss.
  5. Green roll substrate, a layer of mineral wool (40mm) that promotes plant rooting while retaining water and acting as thermal and acoustic insulation.
  6. Finally, the vegetation layer. In Granada, we typically install a sedum mix with 12 different plant varieties, creating a spectacular image for our roof.

If you want to install a green roof or vegetative cover in Granada, Almeria, Jaén, or Málaga, do not hesitate to contact L’atalaya, the true specialists in insulation.